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Challenges for Japanese Traditional Crafts and Expectations for the NFT

Challenges for traditional crafts and expectations for the NFT

Because of the analog nature of this traditional industry, the digitalization of Ryukyu-binagata design licensing management has not yet caught up, and Ryukyu-binagata designs are often used elsewhere without permission. In such cases, there are situations where the craftsmen do not receive fair compensation for their skills, and the reality is that the craftsmen's lives become impoverished as they miss out on profit-making opportunities.
The Ryukyu Bingata NFT is a UGC-ready NFT that not only converts highly-designed Bingata stencils into NFTs, but also partially permits the use of these designs in the development and sale of products. At this point, we are still asking for inquiries about products that you would like to UGC, but we would like to offer you the opportunity to freely create, sell, and monetize UGC goods based on the trust of our supporters.
UGC is an abbreviation for User Generated Content, which is also known as user-generated content.
For detailed terms and conditions regarding UGC, please refer to: Terms of Use for Ryukyu Bottle Gata NFT
Until now, the traditional industry of Ryukyu Bingata has only been a unidirectional one, with artisans and the few people around them trying to protect the traditional industry by selling products to users.
The Ryukyu Bingata NFT Project aims to pass down traditional industries through a multi-stakeholder system that includes artisans, NFT owners, and UGC supporters, and aims to create a world view that directly connects artisans and users of traditional craft products through the latest NFT technology.
We aim to create a worldview that directly connects artisans and users of traditional crafts through the latest technology called NFT.
The revenue generated by Ryukyu Bingata NFT and the know-how cultivated will be used to promote NFT in other traditional industries in Japan, and will be returned to the Crypto industry.