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What's Ryukyu BINGATA

Ryukyu Bingata is a general term for traditional Okinawan dyeing crafts that were born in the rich natural climate of Okinawa and have been nurtured with unique dyeing techniques. Ryukyu Bingata has a long history and is said to have originated as early as the 13th century, and is also called "Bingata. In the long history of Ryukyu, it was used mainly by royalty and warriors in the old days, and it still attracts people with its unique beauty and glamour.

The story of Ryukyu Binigata

Ryukyu-binagata is a dyed fabric designated as a traditional Okinawan craft that has been around since the 13th century. Today, in Japan, various traditional craft regions are disappearing. Ryukyu-binagata is no exception, with the aging of dyeing artisans, the decrease in the number of artisans, and the problem of passing on the techniques of the production areas. Although the works and products are passed on to future generations, the skills and techniques of the artisans who made them, as well as the tools that made them possible, are not passed on properly and disappear with the decline of the production areas.
The original dyeing and stencil designs of Ryukyu Bingata, which will be converted into NFT through the Traditional Craft NFT Project, are from the Chinen Bingata Laboratory, one of the three Ryukyu Bingata families that have been in existence for several hundred years since the days of the Ryukyu Dynasty. Among Ryukyu Bingata craftsmen, there are workshops called the three Ryukyu Bingata soke, which once served the warriors of the Ryukyu Kingdom. The Chinen, Shiroma, and Takushi families are known as the three main families of Ryukyu Bingata craftsmen, and the Chinen Bingata Laboratory is the main branch of the Chinen family.
The Chinen family learned karakami (Chinese paper) techniques, inking paper and denshi paper from China, and was given the status of chikudon pechin, which meant that they were allowed to make Ryukyu Bingata for the warrior class and higher. We hope that by publishing the designs of the Chinen family's Ryukyu bingo, which has over 100 years of history, as NFT, more people will learn about the appeal of Ryukyu bingo.