Terms of Use for Ryukyu Bingata NFT

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What is UGC?

UGC stands for User Generated Content, and refers to secondary creative content created by fans of the content. The Ryukyu bottle-shaped designs to be made into NFTs in this project can be used for secondary creation, and commercial use is also partially allowed.
The following are some examples of UGC applications.
  • Use on T-shirts and product packaging
  • Background design for SNS icons
  • Use as texture design for VR avatar clothing, etc.
  • Collaborative product development between artisans engaged in traditional Japanese crafts
If you are interested in producing UGC, please refer to the Terms of Use and Examples.
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Terms of Use

The following is the policy for the use of craft digital data.


  • Personal use: Permitted for non-commercial purposes, please inquire for commercial purposes.
2. Uploading to online services
  • Uploading to social communication platforms (allowed)
    • →Use as an icon, header, or background image (permitted)
  • Uploading to online game platforms (permitted)
  • Application to VR avatars (permitted)
  • Permission for use by third parties within online services (not permitted)

3. Sensitive expressions

  • Sexual expressions (not permitted)
  • Violent expressions (not permitted)
  • Political or religious activities (Not permitted)
  • Racial discrimination (Not permitted)

4. Processing

  • Size reduction and enlargement (permitted)
  • Alteration by color adjustment (please contact us)
  • Outsourcing of adjustment and alteration (Permitted)
  • Use to modify other data (not permitted)
  • Alteration or use in conjunction with designs created by other craftsmen (not permitted)

5. Redistribution and distribution

  • Redistribution in unmodified form (not permitted)
  • Distribution of modified data (not permitted)

6. Use in media products and derivative works

  • Use in video works, distribution, and broadcasting (permission)
  • Use in publications and e-books (Permitted)
  • Use in tangible goods (permitted)
  • Incorporation into software for product development, etc. (permitted)
  • Creation of secondary works (so-called secondary creation) using the data as a motif (permitted)
    • Digital goods license fee to be discussed on a case-by-case basis (assuming payment of 30-50%)
      Real goods license fee: Consult on a case-by-case basis (assume 10% payment)
      Assumed breakdown
      Royalties to be paid to the secretariat (30%-50%) and to the artisan who is the primary producer
      We plan to provide goods to Ryukyu Bingata NFT holders used in the UGC.
      Any other revenue will be returned to the UGC producers (we will pay the production costs and sign an outsourcing contract)
Note: Since smart contract payment is not possible when selling through the existing EC, we assume that transactions will be done on a trust basis based on contracts between businesses within the year.
Confirmation of usable products (pottery, Japanese paper, beer, cigarettes, scarecrows, etc.)

7. Credit notation

If you are creating UGC, you must include credits.